21/09: TianJin University - China: Visit of Polytech Nice-Sophia Director

TianJin University - China: Visit of Polytech Nice-Sophia Director

On September 21, Director Philippe Gourbesville of the Polytech Nice-Sophia in France headed a delegation in visiting Tianjin University (TU). President Li Jiajun met with the guests in the VIP room.

President Li extended a warm welcome to the guests. He introduced TU's history, disciplinary strength, the progress made in scientific research and extended a hand for more international cooperation. Director Gourbesville mentioned the ongoing projects related to city innovation at Polytech Nice-Sophia. He hoped for all-around cooperation with TU on student exchanges and scientific research. Both sides exchanged views on issues such as disciplinary construction and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Later that day, Director Gourbesville and his delegation discussed possible collaboration with the representatives from related schools and offices. Director Gourbesville presented an overview of Polytech Nice-Sophia, detailing its model of international cooperation and the French engineering education system. Both sides held an in-depth discussion, aiming at facilitating faculty and student exchanges as well as joint research. As for student exchanges, the Polytech Nice-Sophia representative indicated that English courses would be offered so as to meet the requirements of TU students.

Learning of the city innovation projects at Polytech Nice-Sophia, the TU representative responsible for new campus construction at TU also briefed the guests thoroughly on the planning of the new TU campus being built at Haihe Education Park. Deeply impressed, Director Gourbesville wished the construction of TU new campus a success.  (...)

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