11-13/6: SimHydro 2014 Conference

SimHydro 2014: Modelling of rapid transitory flows

Next SimHydro International Conference will be help in Sophia Antipolis (Campus SophiaTech) from 11 to 13 June 2014. Following the past successful events in 2012 and 2010, the conference will  be focused on the European audience, will aim at high value of presented papers while limiting number of themes and will be held jointly with a conference on  "Operational modelling of fast hydraulic transients" promoted by the Hydrotechnic Society of France (SHF).

The following themes have been defined for SimHydro 2014:

  • Theme 1: Modeling of fast hydraulic transients (dam and dyke breaking waves, storm waves, tsunamis, flash floods)
  • Theme 2: Uncertainty in simulation, uncertainty of results of models
  • Theme 3: Simulation & modelling of 3D near field phenomena in free surface flows (rivers, lakes and coastal areas)
  • Theme 4: Simulation & modelling of multiphase flows: cavitation, bubbly flows, flows with particules ...

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