11-13/6: Eco Challenge - Aqua Republica - SimHydro2014

Participate in the SimHydro 2014 Eco Challenge and win a MIKE HYDRO Basin license*!

Why this competition?
While models are used increasingly between engineers for communication and analyses, integrating social and economic factors into such models to improve communication to stakeholders, policy makers as well as cross discipline professionals remains a challenge. This competition explores the integration of game mechanics and models (Aqua Republica) to transform numerical results into scenarios and information for stakeholder participation and capacity building purposes.

What is the competition about?
Test and play the Aqua Republica game during the SimHydro conference and compete with fellow participants! The person with the highest score in the game at the end of the conference wins a MIKE HYDRO Basin license*.

How can I join?
Simply sign up at the DHI booth during the conference to get a login and password and
you are set to go.

*MIKE HYDRO basin license valid only for one year

QRcode - Lien direct :